Looking for the Badlands Trailers financing?

Well luckily for you, Badlands Trailerss in North Dakota has that financing. Besides selling a huge selection of trailers, we also have a variety of financing options for our qualified customers to choose from as well. That’s right! We can get you the funding you need from Sheffield Financial – without all the hassle and stress and without putting a huge dent in your pocketbook.


Originally established in April 1992, Sheffield Financial is a top financial assistance firm located in North Carolina. Ever since its establishment, Sheffield has been a leading financing company. Unrivaled in their business, Sheffield has financed over $12 billion in consumer and commercial retail loans for dealers. Along with their:

  • Easy application process
  • Quick credit decisions
  • Variety of financing options
  • Timely and friendly service

Sheffield gives qualified customers exactly what they’re looking for when it comes time to fund their new trailers. Continually working to meet your financial requirements, this top financing company provides loan processing up to seven days a week.


Follow the steps below to apply for assistance:

  • Give Sheffield a call at 336-766-1388 for a quote.
  • Complete our online application and submit it. Your credit decision is just a click away.
  • Check your email for your application’s determination.
  • Call Sheffield again with your approval number.
  • Order your Badlands Trailers.
  • Finish up the loan file.
  • And finally, hit the road with your new trailer!


  • Service Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Loan Processing Hours: Mon – Sat: 8:00 am – 10:30 pm and Sunday: 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Our financing options include as many as five separate programs for you to choose from to fund your new trailer. We are confident we can match your funding requirements and be the shop you need for trailer financing!

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